Hair Q & A

Q: How fast does hair grow?

A: Hair grows approximately ½ inch per month. This growth rate, however, can vary among individuals and may be affected by a person's health.

Q: How often should I get my hair cut?

A: The need for a haircut depends on the style a person is wearing, as well as how fast their hair grows, the hair's tendency toward split ends, and personal preference. Shorter haircuts may need to be cut every four or five weeks to maintain the same style. Longer haircuts can usually go longer, as the length has a lesser effect on style change. All hair, however, is susceptible to split ends and should be maintained by regular haircuts.

Q: Does it matter what shampoo and conditioner I use at home?

A: Yes! A steady "diet" of nourishing products has an often immediate, always cumulative, effect on the heath, texture and appearance of the hair. It makes the hair stronger, shinier and more bouncy. Good products also help protect your color investment. At The Best Little Hair Salon in Rye, we have a full line of botanically rich, nourishing shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. Healthy hair is beautiful hair!