Semi-Permanent Colors

Tired of staring at gray hairs every time you look in the mirror—but not yet ready for an all-out color commitment? Consider a semi-permanent color. These gentle, peroxide-free colors can’t cover gray 100%, but they can change and enrich your existing color and leave enough color on the gray strands to create a look that resembles highlights! And semi-permanent colors wash out with repeated shampoos. No wonder they’re a favorite among men and women!

Permanent Colors

Gray be gone! If that’s your wish, you’ll need to enlist the help of a permanent color— the only type of color capable of covering gray 100%. Permanent color is the magic wand that allows you to recreate yourself by changing your hair color to whatever strikes your fancy. All permanent colors are capable of lifting natural color at least three levels to achieve lighter tones, but only special types of permanent color—double-process and highlights—are capable of lifting natural color to higher levels. Many clients start their color service with a permanent “base” color and then add highlights for increased dimension.


Highlights are loved for their ability to make hair shimmer and shine! They add dimension and complexity to the simplest of colors and turn “dirty blondes” and “mousy browns” into utter delights. Highlights are created by “lifting” color from pre-selected areas and then toning the lighter strands with a semi-permanent color for added dimension.


Lowlights are the exact opposite of their more popular cousin, highlights. They add warmth and dimension to hair by creating deeper colors on pre-selected areas. They’re sometimes paired with highlights to add dimension and complexity, and they’re a must for returning warmth and dimension to hair that’s been over-processed or sun-bleached.

Enzyme Color Removal

Sometimes you wanna put color in—and sometimes you wanna take it out! Color removal, or the removal of artificial color from the hair, plays a major role in the world of corrective color and is a vital ingredient for returning darkly colored hair to a lighter shade. You’ll be happy to know that the salon uses a very gentle but highly effective enzyme formula to remove artificial color—a welcome change from the harsh practice of “stripping” that’s still used in many salons today.

Alternative Waves

Catch the wave—the “alternative” wave, that is. Putting curls into your hair or simply adding a little body shouldn’t be a trade-off to healthy hair. The salon’s alternative wave formula is highly effective and so damage-free that it can be applied to hair the same day as color.